Teaching Digital Literacy: Resources for Youth Librarians

“Today’s US school children face an onslaught of media and information the likes of which no prior generation has seen . . . Ideally, students develop the foundations of information literacy during their formative years in school.” – Berg, Malvey, & Donohue 1

The purpose of this site is to provide resources to aid in effective technological leadership. This page serves as an online resource for school librarians, School Library Media Specialists, youth librarians in public library settings, as well as any students aspiring to enter one of these professions.

The overarching topic is digital literacy for youth and teens. We’ve broken this large subject up into what we feel are six of the largest, and most topical issues – Digital Citizenship, Advocacy and Defining Your Role as a Tech Integrator, EdTech and Online Privacy, Media Mentorship, Fake News & Authoritative Sources, and Cultural Competency in the Digital Age.

Within each page we have provided an overview of the topic, as well as resources for professionals and students. Therefore on each page we have included relevant programming opportunities, bibliographic references, and supplementary reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to email us from our About Us page.

1Berg, C., Malvey, D., & Donohue, M. (2018, March 7). Without foundations, we can’t build: information literacy and the need for strong school library programs. In The Library With the Lead Pipe . Retrieved from http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2018/strong-school-library-programs/